Barrier Cream Cloth

Barrier Cream Cloth


One of the biggest risks in the inpatient cleaning is contamination. Patients with traditional cleaning methods, the environment is extremely high risk of infection. In addition to the risk of infection, the materials used, damage to the natural skin barrier layer, drying the skin over time.

MED-COVER Barrier Cream Cloths creating the barrier layer of the skin with a special formulation also allows the daily cleaning needs. The clinical trials prove that the skin in moist conditions can better protects the integrity. Because there is elasticity capability. Regular products eliminates elasticity capabilities make drying the skin, creating cracks in the skin then leads to disintegration.

MED-COVER Barrier Cream Cloths with 3% Dimethicone in product content helps to protect the skin from external factors by creating a barrier layer, aloe vera , Vitamins E, chamomile extract and pro vitamin b5 allows the skin to be more healthy. It also helps to recover the water lost from the skin with Phospholipid the content.


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