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Barrier Cream Perineal Wipe

Barrier Cream Perineal Wipe


Especially in patients using patients diaper after a diaper change,
as a result of cleansing of highly basic products such as soap and water of the perineal area, acid layer in the region (protective barrier layer) can be deformed.
Deforming the acid layer to form a dry skin with it.
Dry skin, creates cracks and fissures with an extremely favorable environment for the creation of urinary infection ruins in the area.

MED-COVER PerinealWipe takes up the role of degraded natural barrier layer with 3% Dimethicone in the content.This layer provides the breathability and block transmission of liquid.
Specially prepared for perineal region, the product will not damage the area with a soft tissue.The clearance in the region of urine and stool, as well as skin damage is seen to return to the natural structure with supporting components.
Phospholipid to moisturize dry skin, offers a comfortable cleaning and maintenance facilities with special ingredients such as chamomillia extract and Vitamin E for the skin has lost its elasticity.


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