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Owgel Ultrasonic Nebulizer 4L


Owgel Ultrasonic Nebulizer 4L

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HEPA Filter, Dual Flow Nebulizer – Ultra Light weight and Compact
– German Technology
Compressor Nebulizer
Color: White
Power: 220V, 50Hz
18 W Power Consumption
Medication Capacity 8 ml
Sales Package: Nebulizer, Air Tube, Mouth Piece, Filter, Mask
Brand: Owgels
Type: Compressor Nebulizer
Model ID: MONBZ01
Operating Air Flow Rate: 6-8 Litres per minute
Mmad (micro m): 3 micro m
Medication Capacity (ml): 8 ml
Average Nebulization Rate (ml/min): 0.18 ml/min
Particle Size (micro m): 0.5 to 10 micro m
Storage Humidity Range Max(%RH): 95%
Operating Temperature Range Max(DegC): 40 degree C
Storage Temperature Range Min(DegC): -20 degree C
Storage Temperature Range Max(DegC): 60 degree C
Storage Humidity Range Min(%RH): 10%
Operating Humidity Range Max(%RH): 85%
Operating Humidity Range Min(%RH): 30%
Operating Temperature Range Min(DegC): 10 degree C
Power Required: 220V, 50Hz
Power Source: AC Adaptor
Power Consumption: 18 W


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