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Practice Suturing Kit


Practice Suturing Kit

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Complete Module contains skin layers that replicate and simulates likeness of human and animal skin with realistic tissue response and tension strength during drag and pull on sutures

  • PRACTICE STITCHING KIT This 7.25″ x 5.25″ Suture Pad gives you a range of different incisions and wounds of various depths and types to practice suturing
  • REUSABLE UP TO 100 TIMES Designed to be robust, this suture practice kit can be used up to 100 times – and maybe more, if you treat it well.
  • MIMICS REAL TISSUE The pad is designed to mimic human flesh, and is built in 3 layers to replicate skin, fat and muscle.
  • HYGIENIC AND PORTABLE this suture pad is a hygienic and portable alternative for practicing medical stitching and other forms of surgical treatment.
  • IDEAL FOR TEACHING AND PRACTICE The material is dense and soft giving a realistic feel when practicing, particularly as it gives a more accurate resistance to the needle and thread


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