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Spengler® Vascular Doppler 5mhz


Spengler® Vascular Doppler 5mhz
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Pocket Doppler Spengler is a portable device for the examination of the fetus and blood vessels.

Intended to be used in hospitals, in the office or at home, it is equipped with a high-resolution color LCD screen displays the values of the fetal heart rate, bar graph and pulse waves.

The value of the fetal heart rate is displayed in red when measuring outside normal range.

3 working modes available:

– Real-time display of the fetal heart rate,
– Average of fetal heart rate,
– Manual mode.

Doppler Spengler also has an audio output (3.5 jack) can connect with earphone or recorder with audio input.

Power: 2 x AA LR6.

Included: 1 Vascular Probe 5mhz


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